Monday, November 20, 2006

Me and My Big Mouth

All that talk about a great weekend. Seriously, that is the last time I gloat about having a fun weekend planned. Friday was good and Saturday started out the same, however early in the afternoon I began to feel the dreaded ache and stiff neck- the telltale signs that I willl be coming down with something soon. And so the weekend continued with me not so great on Sunday as well. This morning I am recovering, but still feeling like I just want to lay around. I'll just have to look ahead to the upcoming Holiday Weekend. Who's going Black Friday Shopping??


Alicia said...

Three days? Three days?! ARe you kidding me? I'm going on day 7 of feeling like crap with no signs of getting any better. No, but seriously, I am so sorry, I feel your pain. There is nothing worse than being sick, at least to me. Glad to hear you're already on the mend. Hopefully I'll be right behind!

Heather said...

1-2 days is about the norm for me. Maybe I just have a good immune system, which unfortunately doesn't do me any good during pregnancy. Life is all about trade-offs.