Monday, November 13, 2006

Every third post

I'm starting to feel like every few posts I need to be apologizing for a taking a break. So to all from here on out just know I'm sorry that I can't be updating as often as I would like.

Yesterday was the primary program. It was really good, I just wish we weren't stuck in the overflow (could have been worse, as there was a secondary overflow back to the middle of the gym). Brynnlee was a little wiggly so I wasn't totally concentrating on every word spoken but the songs are what I really like anyway. And the songs were all wonderful.

Kaden was so cute during sacrament meeting. He couldn't have been more excited that the kids were singing songs he recognized! He would sing along with them and the few he didn't know he asked me to help him conduct so he could be like "Leo". I can't believe how he is growing up. It is weird to think he will be participating in primary in a few months. We have started talking about going to primary, but I'm sure he doesn't quite get it. It might be a sad day for him when the bubbles and snacks are a distant faded memory.

Even weirder is the fact that Brynners will be in the nursery realm in a few months too! I'm excited but not getting my hopes up seeing as she ALWAYS has a cold. I think she has permanently had a runny nose for the last 6 weeks with a few breaks here and there. I'll I can say is I hope it really revs up her immune system and eventually she will NEVER get sick.

A mother's dream, I know.


Anonymous said...

Ya, can you believe we had 380 people at sacrament meeting...that's CRAZY! What's even crazier is that we have 500 people in our ward, just imagine if everyone came, the Becks would be sitting on the stage! : )


meohmyers said...

Time goes by way too fast! I remember when you were pregnant with Kaden playing piano as a permanent sub in primary! The program was really good yesterday. 380 people? That is crazy!

Heather said...

Wow. I believe that about our ward! It is so crazy to feel like you are surrounded by a bunch of strangers in church. A feeling that I hope will be remedied by going to enrichment this week! Someone call and MAKE sure I remember!

Lindsay said...

Brynlee in nursery? That is the craziest thing ever. It feels like you just had her.