Thursday, December 21, 2006

For the Locals... and anyone else I didn't send a Christmas Card to!

While talking to Lindsay today she enthusiastically told me how excited she was to get my Christmas Card. Confused I said "You got one, cuz I didn't send you one." (Tact was out the window today, it is the 21st of December).

Trying to cover up my blunder I explained to her how I was so busy this year that only sent out like 30 (acutally it was 32) cards, so only the family that lives far away got cards this year. HOW HUMILIATING. Nothing like telling a really great friend that you didn't bother with sending them Holiday Greetings this year.

Luckily, being the wonderful person she is Lindsay totally understood- or at least claimed to in order to spare my feelings. So for all of you out there that didn't get my card this year and I know there are a ton.... enjoy. You probably won't see one next year either.

As a side note, Blogger is not letting me post pictures at this time. I was going to include the picture from the card so you could have the whole experience of a Beck Christmas Card! Maybe tommorrow.

Merry Christmas!

The year has gone by so fast, and a lot has changed. Rather than give you every exciting detail we’ll just toss out a few highlights with our Top Ten List.

10. In September Kaden finally decided he wanted to be potty trained, just before for his 3rd birthday. We love the freedom of going to Costco and not getting one cart just for diapers.
9. We made three trips to Utah by car, with two kids, and one DVD player. A trip
in January and another in June were just for fun to visit family. Again in October we packed our bags and headed to the Beehive State for Melissa and Jason’s wedding.
8. Brynnlee has finally decided to join the world of conversation and grace us with her adorable voice and some ASL signs. She has ‘please’ and ‘more’ down, all she really needs to know to get through life.
7. Kaden learned to ride a ‘big boy bike’ this summer, true the training wheels are still attached but we have high hopes for our little daredevil. He is constantly talking about ramps and jumps and doing tricks. We, as parents, are content to stick with the training wheels for a while longer and skip a few ER trips.
6. Jeremy completed his first Triathlon in July. Alicia and Janae made the trip up to Pasco so Alicia could participate in the “Righteous Richland” with Jeremy. They both did great and are looking forward to doing it again next year.
5. In August we traveled to California, again by car. We had a fun visit with Tyler & Anne and the rest of the ‘California Becks’. We were lucky enough to take the Tyler Beck San Francisco tour, which included a stop at the Jelly Belly Factory. We also toured the Sacramento LDS Temple before the dedication, which Kaden really enjoyed.
4. Brynnlee turned one in September and Alicia and Adrienne were able to drive up for the celebration. Our baby grew so fast and had so many milestone achievements- the most recent being how to climb up chairs. This she learned as I neglected her in a desperate attempt to finish this list before New Years. Everyday she reminds us of the differences between boys and girls. Even though she’s a handful she melts our hearts like only a girl could.
3. Jeremy was promoted in February to Assistant Manager with Cingular. Then in November he was promoted again, this time as a Store Manager in Kennewick.
2. In October we got word that Jeremy is officially an “Approved Candidate” to be a State Farm Agent. We are now hoping for an office to open up nearby so we don’t have to plan a move in the next two years!
1. Our family is healthy and happy and we look forward to enjoying and sharing the Spirit of the Christmas Season. We wish you all the same!


Jackie B. said...

Great job! I can't wait to see the picture whenever you can get it uploaded.

tharker said...

Sounds like an exciting year. Thanks for sharing. Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

Alicia said...

What an adorable picture! I loved your highlight list. I should do that, since I too didn't send any locals Christmas cards unless they were family, and I feel really bad for those I didn't send one too.

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad you shared your letter and christmas picture! The picture is adorable and the letter is fun to read. I'm sorry I made you feel bad. It was pretty hilarious though. Leave it to me to stick my foot in my mouth!

Heather said...

Alicia I still have you beat, I didn't even send them to family in the area. Hands down I have to be the winner this year.