Thursday, December 14, 2006

Is it a Small World???

Last night I watched Primetime and they were talking about the 6 degrees of separation. Basically, everyone in the world can be connected through 6 people, roughly. Jeremy and I were intruiged and so I got online to "play" this game.

So the target I have is a guy in Peru!! I'm not sure how I'm going to find him, but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. I'm up for the challenge. I've already got my contact into Marcus, since he did serve his mission there, and I'll let you know if anything else develops.

So here is some other information if anyone out there has any connections and wants to help! I could really use it.

Name: Gian (I'm not posting the whole name)
Gender: Male
Age range: 30-34
First Language: Spanish
Country: Peru
City: Santiago de Surco since 1990
State: Lima
Place(s) where this target has lived: Arequipa, Peru; 1981-1985
Other locations this target regularly visits:Quito, Ecuador; 1992-1995;
Fort Lauderdale; FL, USA; 1992-present; pleasure
Location of employment:Lima, Peru
Other industries: Entertainment, theater, tv, movies
Description of work: I'm a scene director for drama

Schools attended:IST John Logie Baird; Lima, Peru; 1989-1992
Universidad de Lima; Lima, Peru; 1987-1989
Colegio La Salle; Arequipa, Peru; high school; 1981-1986

And if you want to try this yourself, here is the link:

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