Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So this is Christmas

I feel like I have a ton to post about. Where to start?

Lets start with the fabulous day that was Christmas Eve. The lowlight would definitely have to be Brynnlee barfing all over me during the closing song of Sacrament meeting. Nothing like trying to keep string cheese and fruit snacks all balled up on your blouse while you run out of the chapel trying not to spill or let anyone else see what is going on. I distinctly remember running past the missionaries and hoping my skirt wasn't hiking up for the congretation to see as I was sprinting down the aisle. Luckily, I caught Kent Sanders as he was taking Colton into the family bathroom and he was kind enough to let me have it. Otherwise it would have been a long walk around the building. Many thanks to Cindy and Karen who, in the spirit of being compassionate friends, lugged my stuff, rounded up Kaden, and carried puke drenched clothing, coats, and tights to my car. Poor Brynnlee left church in just a diaper and neither of our coats were wearable. If taking your naked child to the car in 30 degree weather doesn't win you negligant mother of the year I don't know what could.

After that excitement the rest of the night and the next day were pretty uneventful, and I mean that in a good way. No more puke, or craziness. Christmas Eve Jeremy's family came over and we ate snacks, played games and of course read the Christmas Story. It was so cute that Ryan still wanted to act out the Nativity... but with only 3 boys (Brynnlee had long since gone to bed- and I don't think Spencer was feeling it) so maybe 2 willing boys- it would have been a feat. We opted to just read and all the kids took turns- even Kaden. He was so excited. I'm glad everyone was brave enough to still come over after the puking incident.

Christmas morning found Brynners feeling a little better and Kaden as excited as ever. I wish we could post video (if we can let me know) because Kaden was hilarious as he came downstairs. He first found the kitchen Santa left for Brynnlee and the we showed him his stocking. He loved the light saber and then was ecstatic about the camera until he picked it up. He puts his hand on his hip, scrunches his face and says "Why did he bring me a girl camera?!! I wanted a boy one."

Then he gets a huge smile... "Look Mom here's your girl camera Santa brought you!"

After we opened all our gifts we headed to Mike and Andrea's for breakfast. It was fun to see the kids together and how excited they all were to play together. After breakfast Mike set up the new Wii the boys got and we all took turns looking like idiots playing it. There is some other video you might enjoy. Me... boxing on the Wii. Jeremy has it and if we can figure it out we will post if for all to see, I have no pride. Kaden got really into the punching too and was celebrating his victory. After three rounds of boxing- I'm sad to admit- I was a little winded. Maybe I'll skip the gym and train on the Wii.

Christmas dinner was at Jeremy's parents and it was the traditional Beck family gathering minus the Thornes (but we'll see you next year). Kaden loved the Christmas crackers and wearing his hat. Brynnlee tore hers about 3 seconds later.

We had a great time and hope you all enjoyed your Holiday as well!!


Jessica said...

Hey! Glad that we were missed! You know we miss you guys too! If you go to you can post your video on your blog, as long as you know how to download it to your computer.

nicole said...

I was going to suggest it's awesome! I have been boxing on the Wii too!!! It is a bit of a workout, but so fun! So sorry to hear about Brynlee! Poor freezing baby!

Heather said...

Got it. Thanks.