Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Quentin, you aren't alone

So Jeremy and I found ourselves at the mall tonight for the 347th time this month. Seriously, I have been there more in the last 3 weeks than this whole entire year combined. Maybe even the last two years.

After the wonderful experience of getting 7 children to sit still long enough to snap a few pictures we headed to dinner at Azteca. It was great, but the best part was our nephew telling the waiter it was his mom's birthday (in Spanish) so she was unsuspecting when they came out with the sombrero and dessert. BTW thanks for saying hi Lins, wish I could have chatted.

Then on to JCP. I found an adorable skirt and using my JCPenny's coupon scored it for FREE! Gotta love that. Next, I headed over to the shoe department to find some suitable footwear for the winter. The strappy heels I currently have aren't cutting it in the freezing weather. I found some adorable heels and asked the associate to get the match from the back. After a really long wait he came back with the bad news. The shoes I had picked out weren't available. And when I say unavailable I mean someone else had sold two right shoes to another customer and so I was left with the remaining two left shoes. It would be my luck that that particular pair happened to be THE LAST in stock. However, the kind associate took my number and promised to call when the unsuspecting double righter came back to return their extra left. Get it? Got it? Good.

So you might be wondering about the post title. Well here is the part when I get to that. As Jeremy and I were walking out to our car we noticed the nice pregnant couple walking out before us. Then we notice all the people and flashing "Mall Security" lights fairly close to our car. Luckily all the commotion is in the next aisle over, but then we hear the pregnant couples dismay. Someone had forgotten to put their truck into PARK and it rolled into a Trailblazer which in turn was pushed into the unsuspecting pregnant couples Neon caving in the drivers side.

Apparently since the Christmas bustle ruins one's parking ability it would be safe to park uphill from the cars for the next few weeks. And to think that was the same parking spot we lost to another shopper just a few hours earlier... Merry Christmas to us.


Jessica said...

Your night is compairable to mine! Of course at least yours had a hpppy ending, no damage to your car. Did you end up getting any pictures? They didn't turn out to bad for how few they shot.

Heather said...

I think its working.