Tuesday, December 5, 2006

O Tannenbaum

Last night's Family Home Evening consisted of picking out our Christmas Tree. Jeremy and I considered being real troopers and cutting our own down to create some long lasting family Christmas memories. We heard about a tree farm just north of Glade where you can do that- but in the end with two small children in tow and the temperatures hovering over the teens we forgoed the adventure and set our sights on Fred Meyer. We are The All American Family - I know.

We get to the lot and picked out a nice tree. I must say it did look pretty tall- but Jeremy insisted it would fit nicely in our house. So we strapped it to the top and told Kaden not to let go of the straps or we would lose our tree. We headed for home, all the while Kaden dutifully holding the straps.

As we pull into the driveway Jeremy darts into the house to use the bathroom. I get out of the car to unload the kids and the back door is locked. So as I try to open my door to deactivate the automatic lock the alarm starts blaring. And I have no keys. So at 8 pm with the alarm sounding, lights flashing, and two kids strapped in I rush inside to find some keys to turn off the neighborhood annoyance.
After the excitement Jeremy unstraps the tree and drags it into the house. The tree is a smidge too tall. So after sawing about 12 inches off it fits perfectly in the house, who needs a star on top anyway? So we stabilize the tree in the stand and cut the twine expecting our beautiful full tree to fully reveal itself. I'm anticipating the scene from National Lampoons Christmas minus the broken windows.

Well it was cold last night and our tree branches froze in the upright bound position. So needless to say we gave up for the night. We figured we would let our tree thaw out and leave the decorating for another night. I'll post the "after" pictures when we actually get our tree decorated and its not looking so column-like! Happy Holidays!


Nicole said...

That's hilarious! Good luck with your thawing process.

Stacia said...

I want a fresh tree! I have never heard of a tree freezing like that. How funny! It looks like a nice arborvitae, not a Christmas tree! Hope it's thawed by now!

Jackie B. said...

Too funny. I hope your tree turns out to be beautiful & full! Cutting your own is a fun adventure, but it's hard hauling a kid (or more around). :)

Jessica said...

Poor Kaden thinking the fate of the tree is in his hands! I love it. We put our fake one up last night, no suprises with those things! Hope it thawed out ok!

Alicia said...

I love it! That is the funniest looking tree I have ever seen. Fresh Christmas trees are awesome, but there is something to be said for the fake ones.